Keuper Labs


Our publicly fundet reserach projects: direct links to project websites.

Current Projects

KI-BohrerIMLA with Herrenknecht AG

Generative Models + Reinforcement Learning for the optimization of geothermal drilling

ClimateVisionsat Uni Mannheim with TU Munich

automated image analysis of Reactions and Emotions from Images on Climate Change in Social Media

Learning to SenseDFG Research Unit 5336 at Uni Siegen

Jointly Optimizing Sensor System Designs and Neural Networks

Gaia-X4KIBMWk fundet project at IMLA and ITWM

The GAIA-X 4 KI project investigates the development of a data and service ecosystem for the training and validating of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Past Projects

Q-AMeLiAfundet by the state of Baden-W├╝rtemberg at IMLA

Quality Assurance of Machine Learning Applications.

DLseisIndustry Consortium at ITWM

Deep Learning in Seismic / Geophysics

Deep Topology Learningwith Uni Freiburg, LRZ + Psiori at ITWM and Uni Mannheim

AutoML at HPC scale. Find and optimize DNN hyper-parameters and topologies.

DFG Research Project 360826079

Video Segmentation from Multiple Representations using Lifted Multicuts